Outgrowing old clothes and habits. Welcome new Wirepas - Wirepas

Outgrowing old clothes and habits. Welcome new Wirepas

Mia Karlsson

Wirepas is growing. Big time. That has led us to take a turn in where we want to play. And how we play. We have something amazing to offer that even the cellular industry cannot! It all might make us seem quite different. But at the core, it’s still us: the no-nonsense Wirepas gang and the world’s best connectivity technology. In this blog post Mia Karlsson, our SVP Marketing & Communications shares her marketing view on what we’ve done.

Our son is two and half years old. It’s the age when you can just marvel at the speed of growth and development. He outgrows clothes, toys and ideas every week. He has abandoned his 4-piece puzzle and wants to be part of cooking the dinner instead. He is changing category. And, of course, he brings in his own ideas for what constitutes a perfect meal. He picks spices based on color and veggies based on shape. We’ve enjoyed some unexpected, yet amazing meals.

Wirepas is growing just the same way. Our business is maturing and our contribution to the new global IoT standard has propelled us into a whole new place. We have always had a unique technology, purpose built for the massive networks of industries. Enterprises are realizing this is not just another technology, not just another standard that appears and disappears. This is the technology that can – finally! – make massive IoT happen.

And now we are getting ready to take another giant leap… More to come soon – but I can tell you it involves 5G. 5G that is not cellular. 5G that is going to challenge the cellular 5G in IoT. And that means Wirepas, too, is changing category.

Naturally, our brand needs to be able to handle it.

We have worked on our new brand for the past eight months. We have left no stone unturned to understand where we want to play and who we really are. What we found out led to entirely new positioning. This is reflected on everything you see: what we say, how we say and what we look like. Something very different from everyone else in our industry. But something very true, very real and very much no non-sense. Nothing artificial. Just Wirepas to its core, like it has always been.

We might come across unconventional or simple or even blunt. But we believe this is what our customers, partners and industries need. Communication in the IoT market is painfully generic and feature-driven. Everyone is struggling to navigate between actors. We want to change that. We want to challenge the big (cellular) narratives that have morphed into market truth. Because we know there IS a smarter way to do massive IoT. Without infrastructure, subscriptions, middlemen and prohibitive cost.

You will learn much more about the new Wirepas in our channels and elsewhere in the coming weeks and months. We will voice our views, explain our opinions and tell you all about our 5G stuff. And we hope to make you smile too. Some will challenge us. And that’s good. We welcome the discussion. Challengers always get challenged.

We are in the business out of passion for great technology, out of excitement to make IoT happen for real. For every industry. For big and small players. For anyone outgrowing clothes. What we lack in marketing budgets we make up in knowledge, honesty and hard work. We get shit done (ask our customers if you think this is just marketing crap). For the sake of very very good IoT.

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