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Reducing energy consumption and operations costs

Inferrix is a smart building IoT provider with one of the world’s most comprehensive smart building product stacks. Their Wirepas products include 30+ sensors, controllers, gateways, and dashboards with predictive modeling.

In the 2020s, sustainability is a word you can’t escape. Everyone talks about it, but talk is cheap – only actions matter. We can all do our parts as individuals but the impact we need lies in acting at an industrial scale. What’s better than turning existing infrastructure into something more efficient and updating it for today’s needs or making it future-ready?

ILL Inferrrix .png
ILL Inferrrix .png

A very very good office building with 7 main floors and 2 basements was looking for a wireless building management system with an extensive scope: air quality, temperature & humidity monitoring, HVAC management, water system management for overhead tanks, distributed generation & uninterruptible power supply monitoring and control, fire alarm system & electrical system monitoring, rooftop solar plant monitoring, monitoring of all camera and that’s not even all.

This all is aimed at helping the building owners address their net zero & ESG goals. They needed to reduce energy consumption operations costs and, at the same time, improve the productivity and well-being of the occupants. They were looking for a solution that reports and reduces their emissions and wanted a solution with the lowest carbon footprint. In addition they wanted the solution to be easily scalable and future-proof.

When we talk about reducing emissions, there are 3 levels, widely known as scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3. Scope 1 covers emissions that are in the organization’s direct control. These are, for example, burning fuel for energy. Scope 2 covers indirect causes, like where energy is purchased. Scope 3 consists of embodied emissions, such as lifecycle of products & material used in construction: material extraction, transportation, production, disposal, water consumption and such.

Inferrix seamlessly blended smart building IoT, with Wirepas, a wireless building management system to provide a very comprehensive product stack. This is all combined with analytics and carbon footprint reporting. It includes a powerful day-of-week vs. time-of-day heat map and energy usage forecasting.


The whole thing is based on Wirepas Mesh. With this complete solution, they were able to:

  • Reduced Scope 3 emissions of their smart building solution by 80%. Only 1.2km of cabling was used across the 9 levels.

  • The solution was 30% more cost-efficient due to the low amount of cabling.

  • It was 50% faster to deploy than traditional wired systems.

  • The solution contributed to 49% of the overall energy saving of the building. It helped the building to receive an IGBC Platinum Certification.

Nothing on its own is the solution for a more sustainable world. But bit by bit, with solutions like this in wide use, we can start talking about commitment for the better.

Making a sustainable world requires collective effort and a combination of various solutions. By increasing the deployment of such solutions, we will surely be able to significantly impact our emission reduction goals.

Together, we can foster a commitment mindset towards a better, more sustainable world.

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