Velavu partners with Wirepas to bring attainable asset tracking to businesses of all sizes - Wirepas

Velavu partners with Wirepas to bring attainable asset tracking to businesses of all sizes

June 24Velavu, an award-winning asset management system that integrates both long distance GPS tracking capabilities with precise indoor positioning on one automated platform, today announced its partnership with Wirepas, a company on a mission to democratize IoT connectivity. Wirepas Connectivity Suite 2,4GHz, a unique connectivity software, enables Velavu to provide to businesses of all sizes and across industries reliable, approachable solutions to asset management.

The Asset Tracking Market was valued at USD 17.14 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 34.82 billion by 2026. Given the high price of enterprise and industrial assets, as well as continuous supply chain crises, the need for monitoring and tracking assets is paramount. Decision-makers across industries are finding the need for a centralized system that provides critical information, such as location and maintenance history for all assets, in real time. Until now, operations and supply chain authorities have needed to piece together combinations of pricey hardware, software and network services, often unreliable and unscalable.

Velavu provides automatic three-in-one tracking, offering indoors, outdoors, and on-the-go capabilities all on one integrated platform: tracking global positioning of vehicles equipped with their GPS tracker, offering data and alerts like unsafe driving events; geofencing and outdoor tracking with automatic environmental sensors and alerts; precise indoor positioning for equipment, inventory or pallet tracking; as well vehicle inventory, maintenance reminders, lost item alerts and more. Using Wirepas’ mesh technology, Velavu is able to provide an unlimited scale in the number of devices and coverage (connectivity in the hardest to reach places — deep indoors and in basements). Wirepas mesh technology enables Velavu’s devices (Vesta, Pavo, and Arda) to provide the precise positioning and real-time asset tracking for indoors and outdoors sites and seamlessly integrates with their GPS vehicle tracker.

“At Velavu, we are on a mission to create approachable technology to modernize and propel any-sized business forward. We believe technology should be affordable, scalable, and easy to use across industries. When our engineering team was exploring connectivity options to power our system, Wirepas hit all our major requirements. The Wirepas Mesh technology found in Velavu devices helps meet the growing customer need for highly reliable, user-friendly, cost-effective, and flexible tracking systems that will improve business processes, and ultimately empower teams through increased visibility and operational control,” says Dominic Peterson, Co-Founder and Engineering Lead of Velavu.

Wirepas’ mesh technology doesn’t require cables, scanners, or other network infrastructure needed, making installation possible in a few hours and can be done by anyone. It provides an unlimited scale in the number of devices and coverage and 24/7 connectivity due to self-healing and multi-channel interference avoidance methods that are built into the technology.

“At Wirepas, we believe in challenging the norms and putting the power back in the hands of our customers, and there's. We’re excited to have a partner that, like us, believes that technology should be within everyone's reach.Together, we hope to propel business of all sizes and industries forward by providing reliable, scalable and attainable solutions to challenging problems,” says Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas.

About Velavu
Velavu is an award-winning smart technology company founded in 2020 and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. Velavu creates accessible and easy-to-use custom trackers, sensors, and software solutions for enterprise asset management and tracking. Their proprietary asset tracking ecosystem won the CES Innovation Award in the Smart Cities Category in 2022.

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