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Velavu Revolutionizes Smart Tracking with New Standalone Gateway Device for Wirepas

Velavu, an award-winning provider of smart asset tracking solutions, is pleased to announce its latest breakthrough innovation, the creation of a standalone gateway device for existing Wirepas system users and designed to take asset tracking to the next level. The Vesta Gateway offers Wirepas users and system integrators a new out-of-box solution to effectively manage their mesh networks not available on the market until now.

Dual Function Gateway & GPS

The Velavu Vesta Gateway serves a dual function as both a GPS tracking device to monitor highly mobile assets like vehicles, and functions as a mesh network gateway to route data to the system’s cloud-based software for real-time asset and environment monitoring. This powerful device uses an embedded architecture that is more cost-effective than traditional gateways and comes with built-in LTE-M , GPS, and a rechargeable battery. Now available as a standalone device for third party Wirepas systems, the Vesta gateway seamlessly integrates with Wirepas' backend API, eliminating the need for extensive reconfiguration as data is sent to the same endpoints —thereby simplifying the transition.

Plug-and-Play and Unmatched Scalability

Whereas most gateways are larger single board computers, the Vesta is an IoT device with a small form factor that runs a lightweight and secure Zephyr RTOS embedded firmware. Each device comes equipped with a global SIM card for out-of-the box cellular connectivity — enabling cloud-based management through Velavu's web dashboard. Users are then able to make centralized software deployments, with greater speed and efficiency as compared to individually updating software on each device with a traditional gateway. This not only creates an easier-to-manage system, and the ability to simultaneously monitor all gateways and diagnostics at once, but it also ensures seamless scalability as users’ needs grow.

”It's been a real pleasure teaming up with Velavu on the new Vesta Gateway. This device is a fantastic addition to the Wirepas-compatible lineup, especially for tracking assets in logistics and operations,” comments Youssef Kamel, Senior Vice President of Smart Tracking for Wirepas. “Many Wirepas solution providers looking to deliver end-to-end visibility in supply chains will love it. It's fully plug-and-play with Wirepas APIs and compatible tags, making it a seamless fit into any Wirepas tracking system,”

Seamless Integration with Wirepas Backend API

Velavu’s latest integration feature with their Vesta gateway device is exclusively designed for Wirepas users. The Vesta gateway now supports both the Wirepas Backend API and custom MQTT message routing, simplifying the transition and ensuring out-of-the-box compatibility with existing software infrastructures.

“Velavu is proud to partner with Wirepas to deliver accessible and reliable technology solutions for businesses, remarks Velavu CoFounder, Rob Shudra, “The Vesta Mobile Gateway will allow Wirepas mesh network users even more system flexibility and empower other solution providers and customers the ability to streamline their operations with ease.”

For more information about Velavu and the Vesta Mobile Gateway, please visit Velavu's website.

About Velavu

Velavu is a recognized leader in asset tracking and management solutions. The Velavu Asset Tracking Platform combines Wirepas, GNSS, and cellular technologies to provide a hybrid asset tracking and inventory management solution. With a focus on innovation and accessibility, Velavu empowers businesses of all sizes to benefit from cutting-edge IoT technology.

About Wirepas

Wirepas is at the forefront of technology innovation, making failure-free connectivity accessible to companies of all sizes. Its unique software enables massive decentralized, scalable, high-density, and long-range network applications. Wirepas allows businesses to set up and manage their networks autonomously without the need for operators, separate network infrastructure, middlemen, or subscriptions. With a global presence, Wirepas serves clients across various industries, including smart tracking, smart building, smart factory, and smart metering.

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