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We’re part of the DECT Forum – officially

The DECT Forum announced that we, together with Nordic Semiconductor, have joined the DECT Forum as full members. We’re both driving market adoption of the new DECT NR+ standard.

“Adding these two companies to our membership is a significant step forward in the DECT Forum’s development to supporting the new standard and establishing DECT NR+ as the technology of choice for the fast-growing global Industrial IoT market,” says Andreas Zipp, Chairman of the DECT Forum.

Jussi Numminen from Wirepas and Kristian Saether from Nordic Semiconductor has joined the DECT Forum’s board. Both companies will appoint representatives to DECT Forum Working Groups in marketing, certification, and DECT NR+.

The DECT Forum has embraced the new NR+ standard developed closely with ETSI Technical Committee DECT(ETSI TC DECT). We’re all fully committed to creating awareness for and driving the adoption of DECT NR+ in the market. NR+ was approved at the beginning of 2022 by the ITU-R as an IMT-2020 5G technology.

Initially, the DECT NR+ is intended for applications such as smart meters, Industry 4.0, building management systems, logistics, and smart cities. Use cases for further market verticals, such as enterprise and professional audio, will follow.

If you're unsure about all the acronyms, have a look at our explanatory blog post.

About DECT Forum:

DECT is a globally adopted short-range wireless technology with key attributes such as security, reliability, and maturity. The overall mission of the DECT Forum is to support a collaborative environment of the DECT industry and drive programs to develop and improve DECT wireless technology to exceed wireless communications expectations and meet the needs of a technology-shifting world.

DECT Forum

3007 Bern, Switzerland

+49 176 2535 0007


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