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What are all these DECT 2020 acronyms and how to understand them

You’ve seen it before: Multiple names for the same product. Been there. We're definitely guilty.

You may think we did the same thing with DECT-2020, DECT NR+, DECT-2020 NR, NR+, 5G NR+, or whatever it is. Actually, it just means that “a dear child has many names,” as Mom would say. 

You already know what it is anyway. If you don’t, here’s a summary: DECT is a decades-old ETSI-owned standard for cordless telecommunications. Of course, it has been updated over the years, but the latest add is what we are shouting about. It defines a data transmission protocol specifically for massive IoT use. It works anywhere with a free global(-ish) dedicated spectrum at 1.9 GHz. Most of all, it meets the 5G criteria for ultra-reliable, low-latency, and massive machine-type communications. Without tampering with the other DECT stuff under it.  

Getting back to the name part.  

What’s up with the name stuff? We’ve been using DECT-2020 as a sort of working title.The full name of the standard itself is DECT-2020 New Radio (NR). This is stated on the cover page of ETSI technical specifications. We started using the shorter version of it – DECT-2020 NR–  after the standard name was official. And what’s with the plus? Well, NR+, stands for New Radio +, is the marketing name that is being used by DECT Forum. 

 If you’ve seen a monster called DECT 5G-SRIT. No need to be intimidated by it. Even though it includes 3GPP NR radio interface technology for mobile broadband services. That’s just the full ETSI proposal for IMT-2020, i.e., 5G technology towards ITU-R IMT-2020 process, and indeed which was approved by ITU-R into its recommendation.  

As if these weren’t enough, we’ve got one more: Wirepas 5G Mesh. That’s our take on the standard. Our non-cellular 5G for massive IoT. Our product. As we think it should be. 

To summarize: 

  • ETSI: DECT-2020 NR 


  • DECT Forum: DECT NR+ 

  • Wirepas product: 5G Mesh 

This all comes down to one thing: same baby, different names. We’ll mostly talk about 5G Mesh and DECT NR+ going forward. The product and the alliance. 

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