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Why Wirepas was my next move

Kari Haapala

After Nokia Technologies decided to give up Virtual Reality markets, and discontinue Nokia OZO’s (Virtual Reality camera, high end device, aiming to premium price point) development, I decided that I would not stay on board and wait for the new direction of the company. I had spent 11 years at Nokia & Microsoft, during the previous year I had the privilege to lead the construction of the whole production line setup for Nokia Ozo’s followers.

Luckily, at the same time, Wirepas had identified the need to invest in a testing team. My colleague from Microsoft times, who already worked at Wirepas, had recommended me, and we scheduled an interview with the management. I got extremely excited about the mesh technology, moving to IoT world seemed like the best possible move at this point. My background from productions testing, and software testing in general, was seen as a great match for Wirepas’ needs and the role as Test Automation Team leader seemed very suitable as well.

I joined Wirepas in the beginning of 2018, and these 4 months have gone by so fast! We have lots of challenges, not least in testing area, but it is extremely motivated to be a part of a team, that creates something totally new. Everyone at Wirepas are definitely giving their best every day.

In mesh networks, single devices are not too complicated, but when those form a network of possibly unlimited amount of devices, it gets complicated. There are lots of work that we need to do, but I was super happy to notice all the talent and competence these people have.

It has been great to see how little bureaucracy this kind of 50+ sized company is has. Things can and will be changed in short notice, when needed, and you can actually go and talk directly to CEO/CFO/CTO in case of any concerns. This was not the case in companies I used to work for before.

It has also been great to notice how well I have been welcomed, even though I still have a lot of work to do while getting familiarized with our product. We definitely have a good team spirit in our company.

I feel privileged to be a part of Wirepas team and I believe that with all this talent we have, we will achieve great things together in the future. I’m confident that IoT will be the next BIG thing, and Wirepas Massive will play crucial role while connecting devices.

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