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Wirepas joins the RPA (Reusable Packaging Association)

At Wirepas we want to be a member of the key organizations for the verticals we serve. Our mesh network can solve challenges in many verticals. Smart tracking for instance. And that is why we are so honored to be admitted to the world’s largest association focused on reusable packaging and containers.

We believe that RPA Reusable packaging systems play an important role in reducing the environmental impact of supply chains. And we want to support sustainability. The RPA offers users a long, useful life of their packaging (typically measured in years) and a truly circular model.

We will work with RPA members to provide a myriad of benefits to RPA members and the pallet and packaging industry by:
• Generating Less solid waste by up to 86%
• Lowering CO2 emissions by up to 60%
• Lowering energy consumption in the manufacturing process
• Lowering product waste and thereby increasing efficiency – especially for perishables

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