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Wirepas Massive in the Schaeffler OPTIME condition monitoring solution

Schaeffler, a leading global supplier to the automotive and industrial sectors, announces its OPTIME solution for Industry 4.0 using Wirepas Massive as the wireless IoT connectivity. The solution offers wireless condition monitoring that helps any production reduce downtime.

How does OPTIME help with production?

OPTIME is a cloud based IoT solution for machine condition monitoring. Wireless OPTIME sensors are a part of the solution. The data that the sensors collect is analyzed and reported. The mobile app provides a visual monitoring over the condition of the machines, which in turn allows for fast reaction to possible issues in their operation. Continuous development and innovation based on the machines’ analytics will enable improvements in production and less downtime.

Customers reap benefits with the solution
  1. Fast and easy installation that does not require specifically trained technicians or engineers. Several hundreds of measuring sensors can be installed in just a single day, and activation happens through a simple NFC app.

  2. Compared to monthly offline measuring with handheld readers, OPTIME can save up to 50% in expenses by offering data wirelessly without the need for frequent manual reading.

  3. The system allows tracking of each machine, even the ones that were previously too expensive for manual checking, and therefore offers a healthier overall management of all machines on the production floor.

Results from a pilot on production floor

Schaeffler’s OPTIME solution showed its power already in the early pilots at a customer site. The platform was able to identify first failing machines quickly on the factory floor. The findings led to the maintenance employees locating the source of the problem quickly and efficiently. The immediate actions not only improved the situation but helped the team to understand the root cause, and with modifications prevent similar issues happening again in the future.

The customer was able to have clear proof points of the solution as several failed machine components were detected by OPTIME and so far, not a single mechanical failure has been missed. The analyzed data told which machines are at risk as well as gave more detailed information about the potential type of problem, which in turn helps the maintenance team react to the right issues before they cause major downtimes.

Wirepas Massive as the chosen IoT connectivity for the solution

Schaeffler chose Wirepas as the IoT connectivity technology for their solution. The development has been fast from the concept to a full solution.

“It has been a great pleasure to work with Schaeffler, who set high ambitions to their product and service business from the beginning. It was clear that the solution needs to fulfil their uncompromised business needs including low power, high scale and industrial grade reliability. Most importantly, easy to install and future proven solution was a requirement to make the product broadly accepted and easy to maintain. Schaeffler did an extensive and efficient analysis of available technologies and a thorough make vs buy analysis. Partnering with Wirepas helped them to focus on key differentiating areas like analytics for the condition monitoring,” says Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas.

Reasons Schaeffler chose Wirepas as their partner
  1. Wirepas and its ecosystem were able to support Schaeffler to create a total solution with fast time-to-market.

  2. Wirepas Massive enables multiple use cases beyond condition monitoring making it flexible and future proof.

  3. Wirepas Massive is a field proven technology for scale, density and low-power in demanding environments.

“The development process of OPTIME has been a great success and the rapid time-to-market has been strongly supported by Wirepas’ state-of-the-art technology, ecosystem and professional support. With OPTIME, we are confident to have developed a solution that meets an urgent need of production and maintenance managers,” comments Rauli Hantikainen, SVP, Head of Strategic Business Field Industry 4.0 at Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG.

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