Wirepas re-partners with a heavy-duty tag provider Confidex, a Beontag company. - Wirepas

Wirepas re-partners with a heavy-duty tag provider Confidex, a Beontag company.

Wirepas partners with an old friend from Tampere. Confidex a Beontag company, is a Tampere-based smart tracking hardware provider with extensive experience with RFID and BLE-based customized tags.

Confidex has strengthened its tracking devices towards active tracking with Wirepas Mesh tags. Wirepas will help bring robustness to high-quality tracking in harsh industrial environments.

Confidex and Wirepas share a history with Wirepas-based pilots in smart tracking. Confidex has tested and evaluated Wirepastechnology in multiple pilots across the globe in the past. Now Confidex is seeing the market picking up well for low infrastructure cost Wirepas-based tracking. Wirepas Mesh works as a plug-and-play connectivity allowing devices to create an intelligent, robust, and self-healing mesh data network without any need for wired installations. Confidex is expected to work in the automotive industry, airports, and mining. The Wirepas Mesh connectivity will be used in the Viking series to track assets in the harshest environments and in a wide temperature range. These off-the-shelf tags can be customized and are already widely certified for many countries.

“Wirepas is a strong believer of an ecosystem play in IoT. We are very excited to have Confidex rejoining our ecosystem as our partner. Their broad expertise in RFID and BLE technologies and products, together with Beontag, makes the partnership powerful. We are excited to see many smart tracking products powered by Wirepas with a great market fit by Confidex.”

– Oula Välipakka, Director for Sales and Business Development at Wirepas

“Confidex is excited to grow together with Wirepas in industrial asset tracking solutions. Confidex experience for almost 20 years in the industrial short-range wireless market and Wirepas leading mesh technology is a perfect match. Confidex BLE tags are designed for industrial applications in the harshest environments.”

– Paul Broekhuizen, Global Director Smart Industries at Confidex a Beontag company.

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