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Wirepas receives ISO 9001 certification

Wirepas has a long standing way of working in making sure everything is done with customers and their requirements in mind. Its quality work flow and processes have now also been confirmed with the ISO 9001 certification. The certification guarantees trustworthy and high quality products and solutions for Wirepas’ customers and its ecosystem.

ISO 9001 is an international quality standard that specifies requirements for a Quality Management System (QMS). It ensures a certified company consistently provides products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

The purpose of the QMS is to support the planning, documentation, measurement and continual improvement of how Wirepas runs its daily business. This assures external entities that the work meets given standards. Or in other words, establishes trust via common vocabulary, known ways of working (standards) and third party assurance (certification). The ISO 9001 certificate is a document Wirepas’ customer can use to verify that the chain of quality is handled from the beginning to the end with quality traceability.

“I am very pleased with Wirepas getting on to this new level. It is a great step for becoming a provider of recognized world-class technology. A QMS and compliance with standards are must-have requirements in the market. In addition, existing standards summarize industry best practices and can be useful in establishing operations in areas where we have less experience, such as supplier management and deliveries,” says Juha Salokannel, Quality Manager and Senior Protocol System Designer at Wirepas.

You can read more about the Wirepas ISO 9001 certification from a press release by Bureau Veritas, the certifying company. Please note that the press release is in Finnish.

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