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Working towards a common goal from miles apart

Sebastien Pellorce

Last year, after 15 years in a large global company, I felt like it was time for new challenges.

When I started to think about my career aspirations, I started to look back at my experience and I listed 3 main criteria’s for my next job:

  • Working in High tech: I love technology and I love being part of new market emergence

  • Working in a team: Committed and sharing the same goal, same objectives

  • Working in a global  and  open environment

I had several interviews with Wirepas and got the opportunity to join Wirepas as the Sales & Business Development Director for Southern Europe.

Today, I’m very happy being a member of this adventure, let me explain why:

  • Working in High Tech: Wirepas has an incredible technology. Wirepas Wide Area Mesh technology enables true large scale IOT application. This capacity to connect millions of devices in a self-organized / self-managed network is just incredible and makes it suitable for so many applications. It helps when you believe in what you’re selling.

  • People: Wirepas is a super focused company, we focus only on connectivity protocol (that’s already quite a lot!). The same level of focus is in our team from engineer to sales. It is great to work with experts in different fields within the company. We all have a common goal.

  • Global & Open: We operate globally, we have people all around the world which is impressive for a 50+ employee company. I never feel the distance or cultural differences with my colleagues, especially not in the sales team where we are by nature in different countries. We are all far way from each other, but only a phone call away.

When I look back on my past 1.5 years at Wirepas, I am extremely happy I made the decision to pursue this path. The product, the company and the people are great. During this period, I’ve seen the team grow from 25 people to 50, our product and its application gaining strong momentum and our ecosystem growing. Of course, there is still a lot to do, but doing this when you have a full company sharing same objectives makes it possible.

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