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Straight outta Tampere

There’s actually one really big advantage in living in a cold, dark place like Tampere – you have to be smart and innovative to find something interesting to do. And that’s what we did. We found out the most amazing thing on the planet – IoT.

The Silicon Valley of Finland

Tampere is a center of tech startups, ideas and dreams. And this is where it started, everything that later was to become Wirepas. More than 20 years ago. With some youngsters at the university thinking about building something new and challenging something old.


We're on a mission

To set a new standard in IoT. We believe in infinitely scalable connectivity software that never fails. And we concentrate on large industrial applications. We think it should be affordable. And badassable. That’s our mission. We are the future of enterprise IoT. We hope you like it.


Sometimes it’s difficult to brag. Even if you made the first non-cellular 5G IoT in the world. So we are happy to have Mom. She is our spokesperson. She will brag for us.

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