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Wirepas Positioning

Leveraging the Mesh 2.4 GHz low power consumption, Wirepas provides a comprehensive suite for positioning. Typically used for asset tracking, tracking of people, or global logistic.

The Wirepas positioning value proposition is:

  • The lowest total cost of ownership thanks to a fully battery-operated infrastructure with years of battery life. This leads to the lowest installation costs, easy commissioning, and automatic configuration.

  • Easy to install and maintain: Fully battery-operated infrastructure with years of battery life. Integrated network and device monitoring and installation metrics.

  • Scalable performance: Accuracy of a few meters, location interval of a few minutes.

  • Reliability and security: Leveraging the scalable and reliable Wirepas mesh, proven performances combined with security and Over the Air Programming.

Wirepas software deliverables include:

  • Reference embedded software for tags and anchors devices manufacturer.

  • Positioning backend producing position data but also supporting installation and monitoring. The backend can run either on-premise or in the cloud.


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