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Press releases

Intrex Partners with Wirepas to bring real-time, actionable data to senior living communities

Uploaded: 13 Jan 2022

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Orange Business Services complements their smart tracking offer with Wirepas

Uploaded: 1 Dec 2021

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Wirepas Massive Tracking solves high-density tracking challenges with continuous tracking and fast mass inventory

Uploaded: 3 Nov 2021

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World’s first non-cellular 5G technology sets example of new era connectivity, gets ITU-R approval

Uploaded: 19 Oct 2021

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Clevertronics partners with Wirepas, more than 600 sites already deployed

Uploaded: 5 Oct 2021

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Wirepas announces 10M euro injection in funds to accelerate development of first non-cellular 5G technology

Uploaded: 1 Sep 2021

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Wirepas lauded by Frost & Sullivan for addressing industrial IoT requirements with the ground-breaking Wirepas Private 5G solution

Uploaded: 18 Aug 2021

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BCITS to build a Wirepas-based RF mesh communication solution for Advanced Metering Infrastructure in India

Uploaded: 13 Jul 2021

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Silicon Labs and Wirepas enable massive IoT for asset tracking and building automation

Uploaded: 9 Jun 2021

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Wirepas announces game-changing connectivity system for smart tracking

Uploaded: 2 Jun 2021

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Research confirms the new IoT standard delivers the 5G promise for massive IoT

Uploaded: 24 May 2021

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Wirepas announces world’s first non-cellular 5G technology, sets new global standard for IoT

Uploaded: 17 May 2021

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The new global IoT standard outperforms the cellular based IoT alternatives

Uploaded: 26 Jan 2021

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Wirepas receives ISO 9001 certification

Uploaded: 1 Nov 2020

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Wirepas a key contributor to a new global IoT connectivity standard

Uploaded: 19 Oct 2020

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Wirepas Massive in the Schaeffler OPTIME condition monitoring solution

Uploaded: 8 Jul 2020

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Wirepas complies with the DCSA global IoT logistics standard

Uploaded: 2 Jul 2020

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