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Fit for purpose connectivity suite profiles

Every IoT use case is unique. Therefore, we’ve decided to create different connectivity suite profiles to fit your application requirements. Our profiles, 5G Mesh, Mesh 2.4 GHz, and Mesh Sub-GHz, use different radio parameters leading to different performance metrics in terms of range, power consumption, reliability, and costs.

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One product, several profiles

Same end-to-end Wirepas Connectivity Suite, same Mesh connectivity technology, different Radios. The Connectivity Suite profiles provide different operating frequencies and radio parameters for different performances in terms of range, reliability, power consumption, and costs. In this section, we present each profile so that you can select the one that best suits your use case.


5G Mesh profile

The 5G Mesh profile is based on the new global IoT standard, NR+ (previously called DECT-2020 NR). The standard was developed by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and was included in the 5G technology family by ITU-R in October 2021. It is the first non-cellular 5G technology in the world. It leverages the market-proven at-scale Wirepas mesh technology. The 5G Mesh pushes the boundaries of massive IoT by combining massive mesh with cellular-grade radios.

Asset 5@2x.png
Asset 5@2x.png

5G Mesh profile relies on the new standard, NR+. It operates on a dedicated 1.9 GHz spectrum and uses state-of-the-art radio.

Ultra-reliable and long-range:

  • 5G Mesh uses a dedicated global spectrum at 1.9 GHz, reducing the risk of interference with other technologies.

  • The 5G Mesh physical layer uses advanced radio technologies to boost link performance and reliability. Such as OFDM radio, state-of-the-art modulation, coding schemes, and HARQ. Combined with a maximum transmit power of 23dBm, it allows a distance of up to 3km between devices.

Massive & affordable: Designed for massive and dense deployments, the 5G Mesh requires significantly less power than cellular alternatives. It also provides a communication network without the need for infrastructure. It offers lower costs and high reliability based on the mesh topology. Making it an attractive option for industries. Finally, co-existence with other devices or networks is built into the standard. It leads to more robust networks at scale.

The 5G Mesh is available in nRF9161 SiP from Nordic Semiconductor.

Mesh 2.4 GHz Profile

Uses the 2.4 GHz global spectrum and support for low-power or low latency use cases. Available on a wide range of chipsets and modules. Supports positioning for massive tracking and inventory. With Mesh 2.4 GHz profile, deploy affordable, massive, and high-density short-range IoT applications with unprecedented performance. In addition, the Mesh 2.4 GHz profile is well suited for smart tracking, smart building, and smart manufacturing applications.

Asset 3@2x.png
Asset 3@2x.png

The Mesh 2.4 GHz profile operates in the 2.4 GHz spectrum and relies on BLE physical layer.

Reliable: 2.4 GHz profile supports mesh operation across all 40 available BLE channels allowing very reliable and robust communications. Thanks to Wirepas Connectivity's unique de-centralized operation, the mesh 2.4 GHz profile is well suited for indoor applications. It operates perfectly with other Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Zigbee technologies. Wirepas polite spectrum usage always minimizes the risk of interference to and from other radio technologies.

Low-power or low latency: The Mesh 2.4 GHz profile supports low-power router operations. By lowering a mesh router's power consumption to a few tens of uA, the Mesh 2.4 GHz profile allows deploying almost entirely battery-operated networks in extensive areas without complex installation or cabling. This is also possible if you need low latency communications, typically for Smart Lighting. You will need a cable, however. No magic here.

Built-in positioning and mass inventory: Thanks to its low-power operation, the mesh 2.4 GHz profile is at the core of our Massive Tracking product combining the best performance for real-time location systems or massive inventory use cases. Read more about our Massive Tracking.

Affordable: The mesh 2.4 GHz uses widely available BLE chipsets and modules from Nordic semiconductor or Silicon labs with several memory configurations. You get to select and mix the best chipsets for your application.

Supported chipsets now: Nordic Semiconductors: nRF52832, nRF52833, nRF52840, Silicon Labs: ERF32xG12, EFR32BG21, EFR32BG22 and EFR32xG24.

Supported modules now: See our supported modules from our partner product page.

Mesh Sub-GHz Profile

Sub-GHz profiles are designed for long-range and reliable application in the ISM Sub-GHz bands. The profiles are available for different local regulations and support only mains-powered devices. The Sub-GHz profiles are well suited for Smart Metering and some Smart Building applications.

Asset 4@2x.png
Asset 4@2x.png

Mesh Sub-GHz profiles are designed for affordable, long-range mains-powered IoT applications. Sub-GHz profiles are available in the following regions: Australia 915 MHz and recently updated India 865 MHz.

Reliable: The Sub-GHz profile fully leverages the Wirepas mesh smart spectrum usage, frequency agility, and local channel selection, making this technology very reliable under the widely used ISM bands.

Long-range: The Sub-GHz profile allows a much longer range than the Mesh 2.4 GHz profile. This is mainly due to regulations' lower frequency, and higher maximum transmit power allowance. Therefore, it makes this profile suited for deep indoor and/or long-range applications.

Affordable: Sub-GHz profile uses widely available chipsets from Silicon Labs. The Sub-GHz profiles run on the following chipsets from Silicon Labs: EFR32FG13 and EFR32FG23 and are available only in the Low Latency mode.

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