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How the Wirepas connectivity works

It’s massive, it’s reliable, it’s scalable. See what is behind our mesh connectivity and how performant our decentralized operation is. No matter the environment, Wirepas mesh always finds a way to connect your devices. Discover how it works, what it can do. And what it can’t. Without bullshit.

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Massive like nothing else

The largest massive IoT mesh requires technology that’s able to scale both performance and cost. Everyone claims massive. We prefer facts over marketing talk. Here are a few numbers to illustrate what massive means for us. Our largest deployed network (and most probably globally) includes 920,000 devices in a single mesh network. That’s a lot. We can handle even more than that. When we talk about density, our technology allows reaching an ultra-high density of 1000 devices in one cubic meter. This is what we call massive IoT.


What makes it massive?

We connect millions of devices in a single mesh network without heavy infrastructure. How?

The core of the Wirepas technology is ‘decentralized’ operations. We distribute all network management tasks to each device in the network. Devices are smart enough to make all decisions locally. Based on the local measurements, they decide how to form, maintain and operate the network. Every device can be a router at any time. They can send and receive data in the network. Because routers can also be power-efficient, they can be run on batteries. Batteries make network deployment as easy as sticking devices to an asset, a wall, or a container. With years of battery life.


Reliable like nothing else​

Massive IoT can’t be deployed without ultra-reliable networks. We think reliability is something you can claim only with solid facts and numbers. That’s why we prefer sharing real numbers. For example, one of our partner’s networks has 920,000 smart meters. 99.9% of the network data are successfully received in the cloud server.

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What makes it reliable?

Massive industrial IoT requires reliability. Thanks to decentralized operations and our secret sauce algorithms, the Wirepas network will constantly adapt to any environmental changes making the solution super reliable.


Versatile like nothing else

Each application is unique and requires its performance criteria in data transmission, direction, power consumption, latencies, range, and many others. A proper massive IoT network requires different performance. Because networks evolve, we have created our products so that you can address many use cases. It allows leveraging one technology on multiple use cases. It enhances an existing solution over time: more capacity, more devices. Choose between our 5G Mesh and Mesh 2.4 GHz or Mesh Sub-GHz. Smart, isn’t it?


What makes it versatile?

Range and density. Even if coverage is achieved using mesh communication, radio performance will slightly define the range between two devices. We support three radio profiles to best fit the environment:

  • 5G Mesh uses the most modern radio technology, allowing a reliable multi-kilometer range between devices within the mesh network.

  • Mesh 2.4 GHz and Mesh Sub-GHz for massive indoor or deep indoor applications.

Performance and power consumption. Wirepas supports two modes of operations which can be mixed:

  • Low energy for battery-operated mesh networks. A router will consume as low as 40µA in 2.4 GHz. At the cost of longer latencies and lower throughput.

  • High-performance where low latency high throughput can be achieved at the cost of higher power consumption.

Wirepas supports all communication directions – uplink, downlink, node to node – and addressing modes – unicast, multicast, broadcast.

Network capacity can be adjusted just by adding gateways. It allows easy dimensioning of gateways depending on data throughput and devices and a possibility to increase at any time.

BOM Cost. We support many different chipsets and modules, allowing you to select the best chip for your application.


Want to learn even more?

We’ve got a dedicated developer portal. There you can find all you need, in one place to integrate our product: instructions, documentation, and guidance. We know you want to have a look. Just go ahead. Click below and browse.

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