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Smart Building

We give you IoT connectivity like no one else. Connect every sensor, tag, actuator or luminaire in your entire building to a one single network. Mains-connected or battery-operated, doesn’t matter. You get low-cost and killer performance. Forget about complex network deployment. We bring you simplicity.


Wirepas in action

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Emergency Lighting

Make your emergency lights smarter with IoT. Without the burden of complex installation and maintenance. This is what Wirepas Connectivity Suite brings to the emergency lighting market. From small to enormous installations. From only bookkeeping to smarter systems with dynamic pictograms or indoor wayfinding. Anything goes with Wirepas.

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Lighting control & beyond

Don't be afraid to add new use cases or scale-up. With Wirepas, that is. With connectivity performance when you want to add new use cases or scale your network. Get reliable lighting control at any scale. Endless possibilities for using low-power nodes for other use cases like occupancy, asset tracking, and indoor wayfinding. Fully leverage our ecosystem for additional sensors, tags, gateway, or anything else.

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Building efficiency, comfort, and user experience are becoming an actual reality. There are many use cases when sensing a physical parameter can lead to better efficiency and better user experience from the office to hospitality. Wirepas is highly versatile and can adapt to many use cases. The only limit is your imagination.

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Building occupancy and management becomes more and more important for facility managers. Optimize space usage while bringing the users a better experience. Thanks to its low-power capabilities, Wirepas is best suited for those use cases where many sensors will be deployed under each desk and in a large area. Just as an example.

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Smart locks and control

Smart locks inside a building, self-storage area, or post office. Thanks to the low-power, high density, and bi-directionality capabilities of Wirepas Mesh 2.4 GHz. Build your smart locks easily and in any environment.

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There's more to come

Building automation, energy efficiency, or something else. Wirepas Connectivity Suite is not tied to specific use cases. Our existing customers are right now cooking new use cases. We will be more than happy to discuss your projects and see how Wirepas can help you to connect your devices.

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Go beyond what you do today

Wirepas network versatility is a real thing. Keep using your existing lighting control system. Just embed the Wirepas Connectivity Suite. There's your backbone for lighting and beyond. Add as many low-energy asset tracking tags, occupancy, environmental sensors, or actuators as you need. All scenarios are in your hands. Your installation is future-proof, leveraging the fundamental scalability of a Wirepas network. Thanks to fully autonomous network management, you don't need to worry about complex installations. Anybody can install the system without complex network configurations.


No need to worry about coexistence

Coexistence with other technologies is essential when you talk about smart buildings. Our Wirepas connectivity has been designed for massive IoT and polite spectrum usage. Independently of your selected profile, the connectivity will always try to limit its impact on other devices. It does that by using – for example – listen before talk, adaptive transmit power, and having automatic channel selection among the 40 BLE channels in case of the Mesh 2.4 GHz profile. This makes Wirepas connectivity able to deal with massive IoT in smart buildings where the 2.4 GHz is usually used for many other purposes—leading to happy IT departments. Nice, isn’t it? And last but not least, if you require ultra-reliable communication, our 5G Mesh profile uses a dedicated spectrum at 1.9 GHz combined with coexistence built into the standard. You are pushing even more the boundaries of Wirepas Connectivity Suite.


Fit-for-purpose performance leads to scalability and reliability

Wirepas Connectivity Suite is super versatile thanks to the connectivity itself, but also, the suite profiles allow you to select the best radio depending on the use case. It can mix low latency, low energy, mains, or battery-powered nodes. All that’s being left to is your choice of design. There are virtually no limits on the capacity of a Wirepas network. Should you need additional devices, the auto-provisioning feature makes the task easy. Should you need additional capacity, just add one or more gateways to the system, and the devices will automatically adapt. That’s neat.

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