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Smart Building

We give you IoT like no one else. Connect every sensor, tag or luminaire in your entire building to a single network. Low cost and killer performance. Forget about complex network deployment. Get the only connectivity network that actually operates by itself.


Scale and density. With no limits.

Your Wirepas smart building can handle it all. Scale to millions without any extra work. Need to go super dense? No problem. Need to change your space? Just do it. Whatever you chose to do, our network retrofits around you. Without dead spots or radio planning.

Failure-free at an amazing prize

Forget about walls or competing radio frequencies. Our network is fully autonomous and self-configuring with top-notch interference management. It never fails. Always predictable. Always reliable.

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Total lighting control

WIREPAS PARTNER CASE. Most hotel lighting solutions can’t provide all the options you want while keeping things simple, intuitive and easy to install. Together with us, Mount Kelvin changed all this for VALO Hotel & Work.

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