Smart Tracking

No wires. Fully battery operated. No infrastructure. Our asset tracking connectivity network is so affordable it lets you track even low cost assets. Parts and tools. Machinery and operations. You name it. We’ve got it covered. We call it Wirepas Massive Tracking.



They make a mess. It takes days to install them. And it hurts your business while you’re at it. So who needs kilometers of wires? We don’t. Neither do you.

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Listen up. You should know about this. Introducing Wirepas Massive Tracking. In one hour. You’ll hear all about the very very best Smart Tracking. Hear it from us. The people who made the best wireless connectivity there is. Just join. You need to be there. June 22nd. Really.


Track billions of devices

Our asset tracking network keeps growing with your needs. It’s infinitely scalable. You can go as dense as you want. The only limits are your own.

Track billions of devices

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Easy to install and operate

Deployment is easy without heavy infrastructure or subscriptions. Skip the wires. Just roll out 100 000 m2 in a day without disturbing production or clients.

Asset tracking that never fails
"We turn your devices into a decentralized network. All of them. Every single battery operated node takes care of itself. Finds its best way. Adapts when something changes. It doesn’t know how to fail."

Youssef Kamel, SVP Smart Tracking


The affordable way to track everything

Track thousands of tags on a single pallet. Or wheelchairs in a hospital. Or livestock on a farm. Turn anything you need into instantly readable, instantly reportable assets.

Where's the car?

When the design department of a car manufacturer needs to locate cars or component prototypes in a hurry, there’s no time to search its warehouses. Stuck with an end-of-life barcode-based inventory system, this was the problem facing one world-leading German automotive brand.

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“It’s amazing how with Wirepas Massive we can solve for use cases that no other communication technology can solve”

Niek Van Dierdonck, CEO

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