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Smart Tracking

No wires. Fully battery operated. No infrastructure. We make asset tracking with our Massive Tracking software so affordable that it lets you track everything, even low-cost assets. People, parts, tools, livestock, or something else. Essential in logistics and warehouses, very very good in healthcare, construction, and factories. It tracks everything. You name it. We’ve got it covered.


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Hospitals can be huge with thousands of square meters across many floors and buildings. Such an environment can't afford expensive infrastructure, heavy cabling, or expensive maintenance. With Wirepas Massive Tracking, no cabling, no configuration and no maintenances needed. Get your hospital covered in one week and enjoy tracking for years.

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Warehousing and logistic

How do you track large amounts of assets cost and time-efficiently? Wirepas mesh makes it easy to deploy a network without scale or surface limits. And without any infrastructure or cables. Installation times can be as short as a day. They do not interrupt on-site activities. Any company can now save time and securely and efficiently trace its assets.

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IoT can help construction companies leverage location data to help them succeed. It can have a considerable impact in an industry notorious for costly overruns, expensive equipment, skilled labor shortages, and increasingly short project schedules. Whether you're handling the project management, workers' safety, or equipment inventory, Wirepas Connectivity Suite enables valuable data to flow from the devices to the platform. Securely and in an optimized way. Not interfering with the operations or need for specialized personnel deploying the network.

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Make your assets talk. Get significant efficiency gains and savings in operating costs only by using the Wirepas Massive Tracking. Our large ecosystem of partners allows for a wide choice of hardware, whether off-the-shelf or tailor-made. Wirepas Massive Tracking is a fully battery-operated location system with fast and easy installation. It’s adapted to complex environments thanks to its scalability. It has the lowest infrastructure costs for very fast and high-density inventory.

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They make a mess. It takes days to install. And it hurts your business while you’re at it. So, who needs kilometers of wires? We don’t. Neither do you.

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Easy to install and operate

Deployment is easy without heavy infrastructure or subscriptions. Skip the wires. Just roll out 100 000 m2 in a day without disturbing production or clients.

The affordable way to track everything

Track thousands of things on a single pallet. Or wheelchairs in a hospital. Livestock on a farm. Turn anything you need into instantly readable and reportable assets.

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