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Smart Tracking

No wires. Fully battery operated. No infrastructure. Our asset tracking connectivity network is so affordable it lets you track even low-cost assets. Parts and tools. Machinery and operations. Excellent on hospitals, essential in warehouses and very very good on construction sites. Just as an example. It tracks everything. You name it. We’ve got it covered. We call it Wirepas Massive Tracking.



They make a mess. It takes days to install them. And it hurts your business while you’re at it. So who needs kilometers of wires? We don’t. Neither do you.

Track billions of devices

Our asset tracking network keeps growing with your needs. It’s infinitely scalable. You can go as dense as you want. The only limits are your own.

Track billions of devices

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Easy to install and operate

Deployment is easy without heavy infrastructure or subscriptions. Skip the wires. Just roll out 100 000 m2 in a day without disturbing production or clients.

The affordable way to track everything

Track thousands of tags on a single pallet. Or wheelchairs in a hospital. Or livestock on a farm. Turn anything you need into instantly readable, instantly reportable assets.

Saving lives with IoT

WIREPAS PARTNER CASE. Did you know a nurse can spend more than two hours a week just looking for the right equipment? This was the challenge for three London hospitals in the spring of 2020, in desperate need of a tracking solution to ease the burdens imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.


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