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Wirepas Monitoring & Network Tool

Even the best self-healing networks need monitoring. A proper massive IoT network deployment requires the ability to monitor it during and after installation.

For this purpose, the Wirepas Connectivity suite includes multiple components to ease device installation, monitoring, and management.


During installation
An installation quality index can be provided to an installer to get immediate feedback regarding the radio environment. This allows simple marker criteria to ensure a device is installed correctly.

After installation

  • Built-in diagnostics: Wirepas network supports built-in diagnostics allowing each device to send at a regular configurable interval key diagnostics used to monitor the network quality.
    It provides visibility of all network KPIs, individual node behavior, and Wirepas Mesh network topology visualization in real-time.

  • Wirepas Network Tool: For visualization purposes, Wirepas also provides a Wirepas Network Tool, which consists of a backend and client outlook, which can be used to visualize the network status.
    It also supports building and floorplan management to visualize the network topology in a given environment.

    It also allows managing node configuration, updating nodes using remote updates, and configuring the Wirepas Positioning Engine.

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