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Self-provisioning network ​

The fastest, least expensive installation

Any company can afford to build a data-rich IoT network with integrated positioning. This is possible using a Wirepas mesh. Maintenance costs are close to zero. Thanks to long-life batteries and Wirepas-enabled low-power devices. Not to mention over-the-air software updates. Plus, scaling the number of tags is easy and cost-efficient. It generally does not require additional infrastructure.

With a ratio of one gateway to hundreds of sensors. A self-provisioning network that can be installed by logistics or maintenance personnel. Data harvesting can be done right away or added at a later date.

Wireless means that all this can be done over existing infrastructure. No expensive wirings. No taking down walls or even builders. Just you and the tags. No special tools needed.

This all makes setting up a Wirepas network very very fast, and inexpensive.

Increasing capacity in the Wirepas network

In the self-provisioning network you can increase the capacity of the network by adding more gateways.

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