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Wirepas Connectivity Suite

Wirepas Connectivity Suite software contains all essential building blocks. Pre-integrated together to develop and deploy your IoT project. At scale in record time. At its heart, our Wirepas Mesh 2,4GHz and Wirepas 5G Mesh Connectivity allows deploying reliable, massive, and high-performing autonomous mesh networks. We’ve also included vital building blocks providing critical features required for deployments with complete integration. With Wirepas Connectivity Suite, you can focus on your application, your data, your devices without the need to invest time and resources in complex system integrations or deep connectivity learning.

Wirepas Connectivity Suite in details

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Wirepas Mesh Connectivity

Want to learn how the Wirepas Mesh works? What are decentralized operations, self-healing, and why this connectivity makes IoT massive, reliable, and affordable like nothing else? This is for you.

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Profiles and Chipsets

We’ve developed our Connectivity Suite to work through several profiles: 5G Mesh, Mesh 2.4 GHz, and Sub-GHz. So whether you need ultra-reliability, affordability, density, range, scalability, or any combination of these, you will always find the profile that best fits your expectations.

Connectivity Suite Profiles


Our positioning service is a key component for our Wirepas Massive Tracking product. It enables super-fast and straightforward deployment of a fully battery-operated tracking system.

Wirepas Massive Tracking
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Even though our Wirepas Mesh enables a fully automatic and self-healing network, it is important to be able to monitor the existing installations. Wirepas network tools enable monitoring applications to process diagnostics coming from deployed devices on the field.

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Installation done by anybody is key for scalable IoT projects. Wirepas network-based provisioning allows you to add devices securely to an already installed network. No complex configurations, pairing, or action by the installer. Switch on and get it connected.

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Remote Update

A remote update for us is a mandatory feature. It allows maintaining the network fully operational and easy to enhance. Whatever the size of your network, expected device lifetime, or use case. Wirepas Over the Air Programming (OTAP) allows updating of very large networks reliably and in record time. With minimal impact on the system performance.

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Secure network with you as the data owner. That’s how industrial and reliable networks should be done. Wirepas connectivity includes complete network security, making sure only devices in the network can communicate. SaaS, cloud, or on-premise, whatever your needs, you always own your data.

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Our open-source gateway drivers enable you to build a complete Wirepas gateway easily. The gateway includes both the drivers and the complete gateway to cloud APIs based on MQTT. Allowing fast integration of your data and other Connectivity Suite components.

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Open source APIs

A very very good Connectivity Suite requires good APIs to easily integrate from device to cloud. Wirepas has developed a complete set of open source APIs to easily integrate into your devices at the gateway and cloud levels.

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SDK and Developer tools

A good developer experience is vital for a fast development cycle. Wirepas provides a complete set of tools, including SDK and developer tools, to ease the product integration across all supported chipsets.

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Make or Get

If you’re working on wireless, there comes a time to choose: should we make our own connectivity solutions, or could we get it even partially ready. With Wirepas you can choose to create your own or use our partner network and simply get the solution.

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