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Automatic channel selection

Reliable communication

Businesses typically have dozens of WiFi routers operating at the same 2.4GHz frequency. It creates tons of interference. Wirepas-operated devices usually communicate on 1,9 GHz or sub-G. However, even when the networks use 2,4 GHz, Wirepas does not interfere with the neighboring networks on the same frequency band. The Wirepas network rarely interferes with WiFi. There’s no need to engineer a place for it in an industrial setting. No need to do any extra network planning. Wirepas network makes dynamic use of all available channels. Each sensor automatically selects the free ones.

Avoiding crowded channels on any frequency band helps avoid collisions even with other technologies. Wirepas constantly checks tens of different channels and uses the less crowded ones for communication. It’s always where the others are not.

Every time a command is delivered to a group of devices, changes take effect without delay simultaneously. The Wirepas network adapts dynamically, transmitting data to the next available channel as the facility adds wireless devices.

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